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Find Out What Causes Hair Loss In Women

Find Out What Causes Hair Loss In Women

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Many people still believe that hair loss is mainly a problem that men suffer. But this is just not the case, as today you will find that 1 in 4 women also suffer from some form of this, it can occur at any stage of their life as well. In this article, we take a look at what the main causes of hair loss in women are today.

1. Female pattern baldness -

This is the most common of all types that women are going to suffer and is the same type that men suffer as well. The main reason why a woman should suffer from this, known as androgenic alopecia, is that the body is reacting negatively to male hormones.

Women, like men, have the hormone testosterone in their bodies (but not to the same levels normally). However sometimes this hormone will convert to DHT, which then affects the way the hair grows normally. In most cases, female pattern baldness is not so extreme as in men and often occur much later in life, but it is always the same as the condition in men (male pattern baldness).

2. telogen effluvium -

This particular condition is the second most common that women suffer. Where, as above you will see the hair begins to recede or be lost altogether, this particular condition causes hair to become a bit 'thinner over the entire scalp.

Often women who have suffered some traumatic event in their lives they find that it can begin to suffer from this problem. The reason is that their body is put under stress, it is difficult to deal with, and this results in hair growth was prevented or reduced. Some women, after having a child, may find that they suffer from this particular problem. Once the body is able to cope and begins to return to normal, then the hair growth usually resumes regular and thinning stops.

3. Alopecia areata -

This is the most common type of third saw today in women. You will find that rather than the problem to be localized and affecting a particular area of ​​the scalp, this results in hair being lost on various parts of the scalp.

Women who are more likely to suffer from this particular problem are those whose immune system is not working properly. It is a very common occurrence when women are subjected to some form of treatment such as chemotherapy. Normally, however, when treatment ceases and the immune system becomes then restored hair growth begins again. However, for some women it can be so severe that there is no possibility of hair growth occurs at anytime.

It 'important that women fully understand what causes hair loss in women so that they can effectively treat should happen to them. If at any time you feel you may be suffering from one of these conditions, you should start looking for ways to stop hair loss and re grow hair.

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Find Out What Causes Hair Loss In Women
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